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I tried to climb a hill.  It was too big.


New tune- “not to a man”
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not to a man- master 7-18

So this song isn’t exactly new. The recording is brand new, but I wrote it years ago, and then surprised my bride with it during our wedding ceremony. The recording from that day was pretty minimal, and just okay, so I decided to redo it recently.  If I haven’t mentioned before, the majority of my catalog can be streamed at, including this song.  Itunes also has a chunk of my solo stuff- under Gummerman.  Enjoy!



Crew, crew, crew, crew
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Thank God for competent, selfless crew members, without whom we would be lost, late, electrified, mostly deaf, unorganized, malnourished, and many, many worse potential pitfall-ish outcomes (albino scorpions). I believe I’ve mentioned some of the Mutemath crew here and there in various posts, but I wanted to give them a proper written thank you and actually name them all.  Now there’s actually a video here of many of the guys’ roles, but there are more.  Below are the road warriors that have spent time in the trenches with us (since I joined in 2011).

Nate Lampa- stage manager, backline tech, fixer of stuff, healthman, lb 4 lb the best stage tech in the US of A.  Scott Cannon- tour manager, front of house mixer, solver of schedules, celebrity lookalike.  Steve Chant- tour manager, front of house mixer, ping pong hustler, language expert.  Dan Schultz- lighting fancifier, bachelor, hair grower, party compass.  Darien Koop- production manager, lighting dancer, biggest biker calves on tour, enforcer.  Nate Dreger- monitor engineer, drumset repairman, responsible, blonde.  Ronnie Lee Booth III- merch, stage manager, mr. manners, lover of all things sugary.  Eric Brown- merch, human snuggie, proud father, photographer.  Kevin Kookogey- manager, boss man, author, family man.  Jordan Mattison- hunk, all things hunk related.  Brian Morris- lighting tech, wearer of beards, ghost bgv singer, cannot tell a lie.

Honestly though, all of these guys should have an “etc.” by their descriptions because they all do above and beyond their normal job description.  We are supremely blessed with such talented and hardworking folk that believe in what we do.  Thanks so much fellas.  We love you.




Ode to a ‘stache
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moustache, moustache, you kept me warm

whilst other lips did quiver

bequeathed me friends from bars and farms

some cyclists, a hipster


moustache, my man, you hid my fear

my blemishes, my wrinkles

you frowned for me when I was down

and gave my smile a twinkle


moustache, alas, you faced a foe

a chasm seldom covered

an equal and opposing force

the scorn of my dear lover


moustache I loved, I set you free

no longer saving flavor

but one day you’ll return to me

to give my nose a neighbor

to give my nose a neighbor




Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam
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A short, but much needed word to anyone involved with creating, benefiting from, or perpetuating spam.  A necessity, if only for me to blow off a little steam.

I suppose in any structure or ecosystem there has to be a bottom rung.  That is inevitable, unfortunately.  It may not be their fault at times.  But one group always has to fill that role.  Parasites, as much as we may loathe their existence, don’t know any better.  It’s all they can comprehend to benefit at the expense of others.  You, spammer, do know better.  It’s unlikely that this will ever be seen by who I address, but on the tiny chance that one or two did, I’d say it was worth writing.

I don’t generate a ton of traffic, but of all the comments that I’ve sorted through, 93% of them were spam.  So kudos to your technology.  I’ve tried installing anti-you safeguards, but you’re always one step ahead.  I hope that someday, you reap what you’ve sown.  Although, I’m not sure what that would look like.  If you spam a spammer, does that mean their inbox would be jammed full of legitimate, coherent, and emotionally inspiring communiques?  And they’d have to read through at least the first paragraph of every single one to decide whether or not they actually know the person…

Anyway, thanks for all that.  It takes quite a lot for most people to get under my skin even a tiny bit.  But then again, for a parasite- I guess it’s rather easy, huh?



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