Monthly Archives: September 2011

New “Blood Pressure” Video

If you just read this entry title without knowing any of the new Mutemath songs, it actually sounds like a really boring instructional health video.

My first music video with the band is finally out and about and all over MTV and such, and we’re quite proud of it.  Darren and I were both bleeding at different times of the shoot.  Apparently that’s a requirement for all Mutemath videos- someone’s gotta try something crazy enough to draw blood.  I believe we’re putting out a making of/blooper reel which should be really entertaining as well.  Anyway, here’s the link and I hope you enjoy.   -todd

Fun Stuffs

If I’m looking, I usually can find tons of pictures of recent mutemath shows. It’s nice to find really kick A ones, but it’s even better to find hilarious ones. I think for this post i’ll just throw a few on here for some laughs.

This one/two combo below makes me want to ask you to insert your own captions.  I just can’t believe I acutally made this face at all:

We’ve never tried to have a staring contest during a live show, but It’d be a challenging game I’m sure.  And then this next one (also from the Mercury Lounge NY show just looks like the rhythm section is just screwin around in soundcheck or something, but it’s actually during the show:

And here’s a funny one as well.  You might have to look carefully…

The light spot is just in a very strange area- like maybe I was playing with my fly down and they had to blur it out.

So since I just now figured out an easy way to make animated gifs, I’m gonna do one more.  Here’s a warning to parents what can happen to your cute little toddlers if you aren’t careful:

I’ll end with this super cute drawing a Japanese fan made of us.  Feel free to post your own funny pics if you come across any.