Monthly Archives: December 2011


If you’re reading this and you have kids, or if you have nieces or nephews, or if you spend the holidays with little tikes running around at some point, or even if you’re basically just an adult child, then keep reading.  I think that’ll include at least ninety percent of everybody who comes here.

I recently finished a kids album called The LMNOPs, and you should ALL buy several copies for you and your loved ones.  Even if it won’t arrive in time for Christmas, you can buy the digital copy, and just promise the kids that the physical copy is coming in the mail.  Check out the whole album here:

OR at the very least, you can check out our first music video on vimeo or youtube:

The Alphabet Song by The LMNOPs

I had a really great time making the tunes with Zach, lead singer of Cornbelt Chorus, which is a local band I’ve been in for years.  He writes and sings most of the material, and I arrange and play most of the music on it.  My awesome artistic wife Laura made all the visuals for the artwork.  We have more songs on the way, so if you dig it, you can expect more in the future.  Also a big thanks to Brandon Goodwin for making the video for us- he’s done several MM vids among tons of other awesome videos.

Merry Christmas from The LMNOPs!