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Odd Soul Tour 2012

Hi friends.  We’re halfway through our Odd Soul 2012 tour and are taking a much needed week off to re-calibrate our machines and our muscles.  For the more animated ones (Darren, Paul, Darien “Disco Ball” Koop) it may require more than just a week, but that’s all we’re alloted this time.

The production rehearsals were really exciting pre-tour.  For many of us involved, it was our first time seeing any 3d video mapping, let alone so close-up and on such a big structure.  The technology is simply mesmerizing.  Most aspects of this tour have been well documented, so I’d be hard pressed to tell you about anything you couldn’t find on your own, but just in case- there’s a great behind the scenes video here that gives credit where it’s due.

As for the actual shows and touring, they’ve been exhilarating to say the least.  The crowds, night after night, have brought such an infectious energy to the venues, that it starts to feel like we can do no wrong.  A great example happened just in our most recent show in Minneapolis at First Ave, where only the third song into the set and around the second verse (of Blood Pressure) we lost power to the majority of the amplification, but more importantly to Paul’s mic.  So, still having our personal amps on, and of course the drums, we just kept playing through the song anyway and the crowd cranked up their collective vocal chords and sung the rest of the song for us- probably as loud as I’ve heard a crowd that size get for just impromptu singing.

Other mishaps inevitably have happened, like: the rhodes collapsing shortly after Paul stood on it, Darren stabbing himself in the eye with a broken drumstick (yes, accidentally), knobs of pedals breaking right off in my fingers, calling B3 repairmen every four days, and the temporary failure of just about every piece of gear at least once, and of each facet of the drums- at least three times.  Actually I was recently thinking to myself that it often feels like we’re professional troubleshooters first, and musicians second.  That being said, we’d be seriously screwed without our invaluable crew, who I’ve mentioned before.  Because even if we can diagnose the issue, they are usually the ones with the know-how and tools to actually fix said problem.  They are forever watching over us: (proof)…

Yes that’s right, that is Mr. Nate Lampa looming in the kick drum reflection.

Overall, I think most, if not all of us are having some of our favorite tour experiences to date this past month.  Of course it’s many different areas that can lead to this satisfaction, but ultimately it always comes down to the music.  This latest grouping of songs, which includes every track from Odd Soul, is consistently just really fun to play.

That’s about all I feel like recapping at the moment, but I’ll leave you with some of my favorite photos from the tour, which include much confetti, phantom drumsticks, honey i shrunk the Meany, and lots of jumping.  I just found most of these online, so thanks to all the great photographers out there.  And if you want even more behind the scenes pics, feel free to follow me on instagram under the name ‘grandepic’.















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