I’m working up a tour recap from these last three months.  But in the meantime, just thought I’d post a few links to some fun stuff.

Spotify session we did in Portland- was a good ‘ol time. Our Juno-60 has had a rough tour, and really needs some repairs soon.  Somehow it held up for this whole take, which is rare.

JHS pedals promo vid– these guys have treated me extremely well over the past year.  Outstanding customer service, overnighting pedals to me when I break them, and letting us sample all the newest analog goodies.

And this is a Paste mag bit they had me write up about pedalboards.  Just a little more gear talk, for those of you that are into that.

So until my next post, here’s my current favorite ? pic of our kitty Charlie:

One thought on “Lynx

  1. Kyoko

    Hi Todd, how are you doing? Do you enjoy fall tour?
    Thanks for posting fun links and your lovely cat’s photo. I enjoyed them.:) I’m already looking forward to your next post!
    The weather will be getting much colder, and I hope you’ll take care to stay healthy. I’m always behind you from Japan. Wishing You All the Best!


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