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  1. Trevor

    Hey Todd! I saw you guys last Friday at the Howlin’ Wolf, I was the guy in the black hat in front of you that got your autograph on my vinyl records. I just wanted to say you guys made my week and my year. I’ve been wanting to see MuteMath since I was twelve and I’m twenty now. Thank you so much for being so kind. You and your band mates are truly one of a kind. You guys are so professional and loving toward your fans and I absolutely admire you all for that. There is not a band on this planet that I know of that cares so much about everyone like you guys. I listen to MuteMath almost every day. I never get tired of your music. Vitals has been an incredible gift to all of us fans. Thank you so very much. I’ll be seeing you guys again on Valentine’s day in Birmingham, I’m already looking forward to it. Again, I give you my most sincere thanks for being so kind. You guys mean a lot to me. Merry Christmas and God bless every one of you!

    1. Todd Gummerman Post author

      Trevor- thanks man! Glad your teenage dream finally came true- I have similarly awesome memories of bands I always wanted to see and eventually found a way to make it happen. Thanks for supporting us and we’ll see you in a month or so. Take care!


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