Cornbelt Chorus!


So I’ve been in a local band for years now, and we finally released our first full length album this year.  I just put it online this week, so for those of you that enjoy seeking out new bands and tunes, check it out:

If I have to pick a favorite track, I’d pick ‘go home,’ followed by ‘wishing well.’  But I’m really proud of the whole album.  The band is comprised of some of the best talent in Springfield, MO and I’ve always been proud to play alongside them all these years.  I’ll put a pic of the liner notes so you know of whom I speak.

Cheer up yer ears!  -TG

4 thoughts on “Cornbelt Chorus!

  1. Bill Hoy

    Very, very cool! Thanks for getting the tunes out there- I was very much looking forward to these tracks!

    To the blog readers: The entire record is great- so have no fear in purchasing it. I found it an eclectic blend of Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, Wilco, and at least three other bands I can’t come up with right now. Yet, there is a core that’s fresh and original, giving the album it’s own, really cool flavor. Mr. Gummerman is quite a diverse talent and I only hope these guys will tour a little bit to support this album!

    If you all travel to NYC or Philly, I’d be there!

  2. Bill Hoy

    Oh- here’s a You Tube link- I’m not sure this has been linked elsewhere on the blog, but it’s germane to this post:

  3. Sylvio

    hey Todd! love MUTEMATH, and am really looking forward to your new sounds now with you behind the guitars!
    I really liked Cornbelt Chorus, have to admit that I only got to them because you started playing with MM, but now I’m really hooked!
    please, get on Spotify!! and come to Norway!!


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