Crew, crew, crew, crew

Thank God for competent, selfless crew members, without whom we would be lost, late, electrified, mostly deaf, unorganized, malnourished, and many, many worse potential pitfall-ish outcomes (albino scorpions). I believe I’ve mentioned some of the Mutemath crew here and there in various posts, but I wanted to give them a proper written thank you and actually name them all.  Now there’s actually a video here of many of the guys’ roles, but there are more.  Below are the road warriors that have spent time in the trenches with us (since I joined in 2011).

Nate Lampa– stage manager, backline tech, fixer of stuff, healthman, lb 4 lb the best stage tech in the US of A.  Scott Cannon– tour manager, front of house mixer, solver of schedules, celebrity lookalike.  Steve Chant– tour manager, front of house mixer, ping pong hustler, language expert.  Dan Schultz– lighting fancifier, bachelor, hair grower, party compass.  Darien Koop– production manager, lighting dancer, biggest biker calves on tour, enforcer.  Nate Dreger– monitor engineer, drumset repairman, responsible, blonde.  Ronnie Lee Booth III– merch, stage manager, mr. manners, lover of all things sugary.  Eric Brown– merch, human snuggie, proud father, photographer.  Kevin Kookogey– manager, boss man, author, family man.  Jordan Mattison– hunk, all things hunk related.  Brian Morris– lighting tech, wearer of beards, ghost bgv singer, cannot tell a lie.

Honestly though, all of these guys should have an “etc.” by their descriptions because they all do above and beyond their normal job description.  We are supremely blessed with such talented and hardworking folk that believe in what we do.  Thanks so much fellas.  We love you.



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