god wars

god wars

So I thought I’d upload another Gman track for folks to soak up.  This is probably my favorite instrumental I’ve made to date and definitely my favorite one to play live.  There’s actually a pretty decent live video of this one from a show back round about ’06 or so.  You can find it if you can figure out how to navigate myspace since the 4 years since you logged in last.

It’s entertaining when I think about the crazy stuff I attempt to add into tracks all the time.  I remember adding to the intro a voicemail that a friend left me and all I could hear was just crazy strong wind gusts happening.  So listen for that.  Not as easy to hear as something like in my track ‘passe’ where I inserted a nextel two-way walkie talkie sound byte as the whole intro.  Anyone remember that feature?



6 thoughts on “god wars

  1. Chikako

    Thank you for coming to Japan.(I met you in Osaka.My hair style like Mushroom.)
    You play in MUTEMATH was very impressive!

    So,i got to your blog…because i know your music more.
    and i was able to find out your ‘myspace’ !
    I heard ‘god wars’,and i was so exited! It’s very aggressive and lifted my feeling.
    And i heard more songs.I like ‘further away from you’
    ’passe’ is fun,i like it. I like your music!

    Anyway,i’m looking forward to seeing that you playing guitar on MUTEMATH : )

    Please take care x

  2. AJ F

    This here just blew my mind. One of the best instrumentals i’ve ever heard.. and i’ve heard a ton. I got to see you with mutemath in New York this past August at the Mercury lounge and it was incredible. Keep up the sick work!
    Also, What is that guitar you are using on a lot of the Odd soul stuff? curious…

    1. Todd Gummerman Post author

      Hey AJ F, thanks a lot man. That guitar is called a Galanti Grand Prix, and it’s Italian from the 60s. It’s got a very different sound than most other guitars I’ve played, and fits a lot of the dirty tones from the new album.
      Glad you enjoyed the Mercury Lounge- we did too. I believe we’re coming back to NY at the Best Buy Theater in March, which should be a pretty different vibe than the Mercury.
      Thanks again,

      1. AJ F

        Hey Todd! It’s AJ F, back again for more questions.. Haha
        I am a music producer at a very large church in PA and I am working with a group of students who want to cover “God Wars” in a National competition this summer… Do you have any resources like stems or anything that you would be willing to let them use so they can do ya justice? Or any tips that could make their learning experience easier and more accurate to your song? I know this is a weird thing to ask and maybe a lot to ask, I just figured I’d give it a shot!
        Also, I’m pretty sure we have a mutual friend I just found out about .. I’d rather not post his name online without his permission but yeah.. Haha
        Feel free to hit me up on twitter @ficktion through a DM or on Facebook at AJ Fick Music!

  3. Daniel

    Hi Todd,

    I’m in love with this instrumental, it’s just amazing.

    I only just discovered your blog but i’m very happy you’ve joined MuteMath, you’re a perfect fit. I’m a drummer myself but i love that Gelanti Grand Prix so much that i’ve been bugging the guitarist in my band to go and buy one!

    Anyway, hope you’re well.

    Would be wonderful to have you come to Australia in the near future, i’m hanging out for a show.

    Take care,



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