Itunes- Aye, Tunes

Hello friends. I’m happy to post that my self-titled full album is now for sale on itunes! So feel free to click skip and jump on over and give it a listen. My lovely wife Laura designed my artwork, and approved my song order as well.
I plan to upload more songs here soon, as well as update you on several other projects I’m involved with, so hit me back soon.

2 thoughts on “Itunes- Aye, Tunes

  1. Laura

    Hello, my name is Laura Zahn.
    my brother Steve Zahn said he knew you, and got one of the first cds you made. I stole it from him and had a listen. I LOVED JUST IT! I even spent a good hour learing one of your songs on the piano. Well i just wanted to tell you how good it was and i hope you keep making more.

  2. Bill

    I waited with nervous trepidation at the opening of the show last week at the Mercury Lounge and left with my mouth agape more than ever. The four of you were fantastic and the new riffs were awesome. Your presence in the band is perfect in light of the circumstances and I had to hear more. I bought your CD last night and was once again blown away. There is a classy pop rawness to the recording that I never thought I’d ever hear again. The blend of what could become MuteMath is now known to me and album 4 is even more anticipated than Odd Soul. See you in Poughkeepsie!


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