Kimmel / Leno

We had a really great time playing Kimmel and Leno recently.  The hardest part of Kimmel was figuring out how to get all the cameras attached to us in a way that didn’t impede our playing movements too much.  Mine wasn’t too bad, but apparently Darren’s was digging into his skull the whole five songs. (We played four more songs just for the crowd after the cameras stopped.)  One great moment was at the very end of Allies- right after the last note, I kicked a beach ball good and hard, and my shoe flew right along with it.  The man in the front row saved me though, catching it cleanly and tossing it back like a center fielder taking a routine fly ball.  Thanks shoe-catcher, wherever you are.  Here’s the link to that video:

Both Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno were very pleasant hosts to us, as were all the staffers.  I can’t really pick a favorite experience though, because on Kimmel you get the huge outdoor stage, with a real live standing crowd, and then on Leno we all got our pictures with Miss Piggy!  So, I guess we’ll call it a draw.




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