New “Blood Pressure” Video

If you just read this entry title without knowing any of the new Mutemath songs, it actually sounds like a really boring instructional health video.

My first music video with the band is finally out and about and all over MTV and such, and we’re quite proud of it.  Darren and I were both bleeding at different times of the shoot.  Apparently that’s a requirement for all Mutemath videos- someone’s gotta try something crazy enough to draw blood.  I believe we’re putting out a making of/blooper reel which should be really entertaining as well.  Anyway, here’s the link and I hope you enjoy.   -todd

3 thoughts on “New “Blood Pressure” Video

  1. Eric Fisher

    hey Todd! congratulations on your success, i totally watched you on jimmy kimmel, it was awesome. Hey, can you drop me a line the next time you’re back in town?? our little podcast has grown into a local radio show, and we’d LOVE to have you on as a guest. let me know asap!

  2. Adaria Coulter

    Hey! I saw your show in Raleigh in September, and I still can’t get over how awesome it was. I’m the girl who held up the “you make awesome faces” sign, by the way. I used the pictures I took to create a photo collage called a joiner for a class project…here goes the post with it
    I hope you like the picture! If you send me an email ( then I can send you all of the pictures that I took (they were taking a really long time to upload, and there are a few that I don’t want anyone to steal, but I still want yall to see). Good luck on the show tomorrow night!

    1. Todd Gummerman Post author

      Thanks Adaria, your spontaneous sign was pretty hilarious. It’s easiest just to send some photos to I’m glad you enjoyed the show and survived the heat in there!


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