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Odd Soul Introduction Tour

Well, our intro tour was ‘great success!’  And much good came along with our 30+ shows.  We figured out how to fit more GPSi (gear per square-inch) onto some very, lets say, cozy stages.  Quite a few nights found people jammed in so tight that they were less than a foot from me, and just as close on sidestage to my right.  I came much too close to whacking several folks with my headstock.  And it was kind of an honor system of me trusting the lovely fans not to fiddle with my pedals, which they were more or less on top of.  (I only remember one over-zealous fan getting carried away at one point, and trying to help me create crazy delay sounds by turning a few dials.)  It actually worked out to my advantage numerous times, when I would get assistance from them fixing my setlist or untangling a cord or two, so thanks to those helpful folks.  I know that at several shows, Paul accidentally crowd surfed, just because he started to lose his balance and fall, and so the crowd just swept him right off his feet and gave him the most graceful alternative possible to falling down.  So a huge thanks to all the wonderful crowds that came out and made our first Odd Soul tour a very satisfying one.

Other positives?  I learned how valuable our awesome crew is.  Totally saving us from danger, harm, embarrassment and any other pitfalls lurking at shows.  Seriously, they really are amazing at what they do and we couldn’t function the same without them.  The seductive hammond from the 1940s really tried hard to kill Paul, and me as well, numerous times through strong electric currents which feel like lightning bolts and leave you painfully confused and bewildered.  Between Nate taping up all metal on the organ, and specialists in several towns working on it, we eventually minimized the danger.

And I had ample time to learn the basics of my first iphone this tour, which will hopefully allow me to be able to blog a little more often.  In the meantime for those of you that are hooked on Instagram, feel free to follow me (grandepic) since many of my posts are often band related.  But I’ll still put a few pics here for kicks.  My favorite detail is from the Rolling Stone Japan shoot, where the writers didn’t even attempt my last name.  Or maybe in that country I’m just known simply as “Todd.”