Thoughts of a Dying Athiest

thoughts of a dying athiest- muse- gummerman

Here is a cover I did years ago of a Muse song. It was one of my favorites on the album Absolution, and after hearing it several times I realized, “Hey, this chorus progression is totally like an R&B, smooth, hold me sweetly vibe!” So I wanted to hear it slowed down, and this is where my version ended up going.
I have fond memories of the upright piano in this recording, which I bought at a local thrift store for 75 bucks. The overall tuning of the piano was a half step below pitch so I just decided to leave it there for good, which really made a drastic shock to my brain. I’d sit down and play just a nice solid B chord for example, and all of a sudden that chord sounded completely different to what I was used to- since it was coming out as a B flat sound. That strange feeling on that upright had a huge part in inspiring several of my tunes, like by my side, poison, and further away from you.
I also really like the hammond b3 effect on this track (pictured below)- which had a broken vibrato option on it. And when you flipped it on it ended up skipping the sound, which some have labeled a “motorboat vibrato” feel.
The other pic doesn’t have much to do with the song- except that it’s me as a lil’ lad, preparing my brain for the ability to take a very, very fast song and make it very, very slow.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Dying Athiest

  1. Carina saraco

    Love hearing that organ come in- and those harmonies! Somewhat Beach Boy- like-beautiful.I’m a sucker for piano, organ and harmonies…


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